Duty and Decisions

Avengers #1 (Option 2)

Marvels-The-Avengers-Assemble_Promo.jpgStark Towers, Midtown, NYC, April 19

Captain America stands in the control room at Stark Tower, a room filled with dozens of computers and screens with monitoring feeds from all over the planet and from various satellites in space. His eye is drawn to one of the monitors showing imagery from around Jupiter.

There is movement….fast movement… it looks like a comet.

He types away on a computer and takes control of the camera on the Avengers satellite monitoring Jupiter and zooms in on the astroid flying through space.

It takes a few minutes for him to match the camera’s focus to the fast moving astroid. Zooming in, he makes out something that is more than an asteroid.

“Mother of God……” he gasps.

His coffee mug slips from his hand, shattering on the marble floor in the control room.

The color drains from his face.

He weakly stands, and gropes for the alarm button. Pushing the button, he states, in a monotone voice that still reveals his shock, “……Avengers Assemble……we have a major problem….CODE TRIPLE RED…..”

He lets go of the button, ending the audio recording, which is now traveling to all heroes who have been connected to the Avengers as current members, alumni or just friends of the Avengers.

His eyes return to the satellite imagery and the problem is still there … headed straight for earth.

Doomsday is returning.

[as a player, this is your invitation to answer the Avengers Assemble call and jump into this story. You can still have a Option 1 story at the same time… just like real comic books that have intermingled stories.]


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